Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Home Alone...YEEESSS!!

For the first time since May, I have a whole, entire day at home all by myself. I have errands to run, but I'm putting them off til tomorrow because I just need to have this time. 

It's not that I'm bothered if the kids or Cliff are here. I just like being alone. I love to clean the house when no one is here. I love to get my stack of CDs and play music all day. Journey, Chicago, Bob Segar and the Gaithers. Is there any other music besides 80's and gospel? I sing back up for them, or sometimes lead. And loud. Really loud. The family is used to my spontaneous outbursts of praise and worship. The real reason I like being home alone is, I talk to myself. I have thought provoking conversations. I can get away with singing when they are home, but not so much with the rambling. This morning I talked to my dad, who died in 2001. I imagined what he would say to me after I told him all about his grand youngins. I have to say that instead of grandkids since I live in TN now. 

Besides that talk with dad, I've changed sheets, done laundry, vacuumed, sent a couple emails, made eggs for me and Molly and tackled James' room, all by 9:00. Molly, by the way, follows me around. When I vacuum she lays down in front of me because she wants me to vacuum her. I put the attachment on the hose and run it across her. She loves it. James' room was not too bad. I put away his clean clothes that he prefers to just leave stacked on top of his dresser and only filled one Walmart bag of trash this time. Two empty Goldfish bags, three Gatorade bottles and one granola bar wrapper. I didn't feel motivated to get on the floor and sweep out from under the bed. For that I would have needed the industrial size trash bag. There were stray chargers laying around, to various electronic gadgets, a chocolate milk stain on the carpet that he didn't care about and I forgot about and a pile of dirty laundry/shoes in the middle of the floor. I had to wonder how James and Rebecca came from the same gene pool. She is an ocd-neat-freak and he is basically a hoarder. I'm fairly certain that no DNA testing is needed. JK Honey. If you don't remember what that means, ask the kids.  

I just enjoy my own company. I've had several men tell me that their wives complain that they aren't around enough and that makes them lonely. Never mind that the men are working full time and going to school to better provide for the nagging wives. I don't get it.

Time to get to the dishes now. Segar is wanting me to accomp'ny him.