Tuesday, December 24, 2013

(Car) Accidents Happen

On this early Christmas Eve morning, I'm wide awake. Occasionally, I wake up at 3 or 4 and it's just time to get up. No going back to sleep. My body would be happy to stay warm and wrapped in a cocoon of blankets, but my mind is at a Nascar race. 

This year I didn't buy as much as I usually do for my kids. It's just stuff and they already have plenty of that. I'm trying to follow Dave Ramsey's philosophy about going in debt. I doubt if I'll ever do his envelope-thing, but he's right on the money about credit card debt. It's a pit that's difficult to claw your way out of. 

After Christmas last year Rebecca and Rachel took and old coffee can and wrote on it, "I was happy when...." We took little pieces of paper all year long and added them to the happy can. It's full now. They reminded me often to write something that I'm happy about. We decided to read them all after we open gifts. Each one will spark a sweet, happy memory. Something that makes you smile is worth writing down and remembering. I'm looking forward to that as much as the gifts. I added dozens of little scrap papers to the happy can, but the one dearest to my heart was written just a few days ago. I am SOOOO happy that Rachel was not hurt in a car accident. 

We finally got her car up and running. The car that we thought needed a few repairs was actually a fixer-upper. Saturday, the combination of a sharp curve and going downhill on wet pavement resulted in a crash. She spun out, crossing lanes and hit a guard rail. As traumatic as it was, it was relatively minor as far as car accidents go. It all happens in a second. A second that can change a life or end a life. Okay, I won't go there. We covered that on the last blog. If there had been oncoming traffic, it would have ended much worse. If there hadn't been a guard rail it would have ended much worse. I'm so thankful for the nice lady who stayed with Rachel til Cliff got there. I wish I knew who she was so I could hug her. She was with my girl when I couldn't be. She comforted and calmed a shaken and scared teenager. She is my Christmas Angel. Cliff beat the police there and miraculously did not cause another accident by speeding and wreckless driving. I suspect he may have taken out a couple mail  boxes or taken a short cut through someone's yard, but he hasn't fessed up to that yet. The car has front end damage and Rachel is sore, but both will recover. A car is just a thing. People are more important than things, according to the other financial guru Suze Orman. She is 100% correct. Cars can be replaced. People can't. 

So on this morning, I'm thankful to have Rachel well and unscathed. I'm blessed to have a home and family. I'm beyond blessed to have presents waiting under the tree for tomorrow morning. 

Reminder from Dave Ramsey: Avoid credit card debt at all costs. 
Reminder from Suze Orman: People are more important than things. Reminder from Debbie Chaffin: Be thankful. Be blessed. Make yourself a happy-can and open it next Christmas!