Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Dream Job As A Writer Has Escaped Me Thus Far

I've spent the better part of this weekend writing. I helped both Rebecca and Rachel write papers for school and this is my second blog. 

 Rebecca's writing professor at Tech seems to love my work, which makes me proud. Rebecca and I make a good team, cranking out papers. This teacher won't give a perfect score, (not cool) but I have made 19 or 19.5 out of 20 every time. I mean Rebecca has. ;)  The only problem is I don't know how to use references very well. I don't like research papers. You have to document where you get every fact. Last night, Rebecca pointed out a couple sentences in a paragraph I'd written and asked me to "cite the reference". How annoying is that? She was not happy when I told her Wikipedia for one, and the other I heard on tv a long time ago. I like to write about non-issues. I can't be burdened with a real responsibility like writing about something of utmost importance. I'd mess it up. 

I really wanted to apply at the Herald-Citizen a few months ago when Mary Jo Denton retired. Her front page articles were always about who got busted for drunk driving or drugs. I can go through the police log and come up with a story, easy! Unfortunately, since she left, the front page stories have gotten even worse. Someone stole Pop-Tarts. Someone got robbed by a guy in a Halloween costume. It's absurd. They need me to write about what's really happening in Cookeville. I can do it, as long as I don't have to cite references. Buddy Pearson is the editor. Somebody put a bug in his ear and tell him he needs to talk to Debbie, the cafeteria lady at the hospital. I'd be happy with a weekly column. He can pick the topic. My dream job would be to sit at a keyboard for eight or nine hours a day. It's my way of being creative. I'm not very artsy. I can sing, but at my age, making a living at that is a lost cause. So I just need Buddy to give a girl a chance, who doesn't have a degree in Journalism. I am good with sarcasm and expressing my opinion or feelings which may or may not be very logical. 

If anyone knows someone at the Herald-Citizen have them look me up and I will hook them up with a new, exciting writer!