Monday, November 11, 2013

Facebook: It's a Love/Hate Thing

The Facebook phenomenon has been in a constant state of change since it's beginning in 2004. Mark Zuckerburg and a few friends (most of whom went on to sue him) started it in a Harvard dorm room as a way for students to connect. Other colleges jumped on the band wagon. It blew Myspace into cyber-oblivion. The younger generation ruled it for a couple years. Then the older folks showed up. Suddenly, their parents, aunts, uncles, even grandparents were privy to their pics and posts. They split and went on to Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Snapchat where the privacy is better. They may check in a couple times a month, but fb is mostly used by the moms and dads of the kids who started it. 

When the teens left and parents took over, the annoying ads started popping up. Adults spend most of the money, so advertisers were quick to hit the fb market. They are not only in the margins but right there in with the newsfeed. SPAM! Dr. Oz has to say at the end of every show that he does not put ads on fb. They are fake. People stick his picture up to hawk their weight loss products or anything else health related. I get a few a day from Oprah's Secret Fatbuster. Something about, "Oprah's embarrassing weight loss secret." Looking at her most recent shows on OWN, I find it hard to believe she has lost a substantial amount. Even if she has, why would she be embarrassed? 

The drama on fb seems to have leveled off, now that the teens have moved on. I have a few friends that still need to grow up. I still get the occasional duck face, which I loathe. I've unfriended some that just got too ridiculous. You know, apologizing to their spouse for the fight they had. Really? I don't need to know this. No one needs to hear this except your spouse. Some people haven't learned that not everything is appropriate to share on fb. Don't put everything out there. Why would you share something stupid that you did? When I do something idiotic I'd rather no one knew.  Save the drama for your mama. 

Debates on fb are never a good thing. You are not going to change anyone's mind about whatever cause you are for or against. Seems like that is most of the drama now, at least with my friends. The written word is largely ineffective in debates. You just end up ticking people off. 

I don't care much about seeing a picture of your dinner plate at Chili's. I don't care about Farmville or any other ville. I don't like attention seekers. I don't want to know your personal marital issues. I don't like when fb changes the layout and you have to figure it all out again. In spite of what I don't like about fb, I actually LIKE it more than I dislike it, or I'd do like so many others have and take my page down and be gone.

I like seeing pictures of babies and kids. I like pics of vacations, scenery, families together, and special events. I like keeping up with friends and family. It's a quick, easy way to communicate. There are several pages that I've "liked" that I really do like and have learned from. I can keep up with what's happening at the kids schools, the local news and weather and events around town.  

Thanks, Zuckerburg and all the other kids who got fb up and running. It's nice that the teens finally gave their parents something besides debt, eyeball rolling or sarcasm. 

And kids, just because you aren't on fb, doesn't mean we aren't stalking you.