Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Makes You Beautiful?

A couple days ago I had this song in my head by the boy band One Direction, "What Makes You Beautiful?" I don't know all the words so I just sang the ones I knew and made up some of my own. A few lines are, 
"Everyone knows you are pretty but you." 
"Your smile is beautiful." 
"If only you saw what I can see." 
"You don't know o-o- you're beautiful."
"You don't need make up."

I appreciate those boys telling young girls that they are beautiful, because I know they don't believe it. How can they with the ridiculous standards society has made? So what does make a girl beautiful? Let's see how many ways I can say this....YOUR BEAUTY COMES FROM THE INSIDE!!! I'll try not to yell at you again, but no promises. 

I'd love to take credit for that saying, but it's actually in 1 Peter 3:3. "Beauty is not in hair, jewelry or clothes. Beauty comes from within you, a beautiful, quiet spirit. This beauty will never fade." 

Whether or not you believe the Bible, there are certain universal truths in it.
Your gonna die.
You are wonderfully made.
Things do not buy happiness. In fact, the more you give away, the happier you'll be. Weird, huh?
Do good and good will come to you.

We all know girls with perfect teeth, long, flowing hair, flawless make up any hour of the day or night and  size -2. They are blessed with good genetics, and probably a good hair stylist, who they pay outrageous amounts of money to. They probably go to the gym every day and eat an apple for breakfast and lettuce for lunch and dinner. But look back at that verse. Inner beauty does not fade. So guess what? Outer beauty does fade. Gravity is not kind to women. Your body will age and change. Pregnancy will be havoc on those tight abs. 

We don't even want to be pretty just to impress guys. We want to impress girls too! Who doesn't want to be the one that all the girls are jealous of? 

When I was a teenager my cousin Peggy and I always watched the Miss America Pageant. We would have a sleepover at her house, get in our robes and have snacks ready, so we wouldn't miss a minute. We would have pencils and paper in our laps. We took our jobs as judges very seriously. As we wrote down our Top 10, one of us asked Aunt Kay, "Who do you like?" Which of course, meant "Who do you think is prettiest?" I forget the state, but Peggy and I were not impressed with her choice and asked why. She said, "Because she's modest." My teenage self didn't know how to respond to that. Her dress had long sleeves and a high neck. It was still pretty and sparkly, but it was in fact, modest. I get it now! Aunt Kay was right. You don't need a plunging neckline. Cover it up, girls. You'll be respected and appreciated more. Besides, the guys you attract by dressing in revealing clothes are not the ones you want anyway. 

The most attractive thing on your body is your smile. Did you know if smile when you are depressed or sad, you'll trick your brain into thinking you are happy? Don't just smile with your mouth. Really light up the room by smiling with your eyes as well. When you smile, no one is looking at your waist. People will feel more at ease and consider you a friend if you flash your pearly whites. 

Be confident. Sometimes this is tough and you have to fake it, but confidence is attractive. Stand tall. Walk with purpose. Speak clearly, don't mumble. We all have insecurities or fears that can hold us back. Just like you can smile if you don't feel like it, you can also, DO IT SCARED. Doing anything out of your comfort zone is scary, but that's where you grow. Your self esteem will grow because you will have conquered something. Unless you want a life of mediocrity you will have to venture out, be brave and do what is difficult. 

You are beautiful when you speak positive, life affirming words. Don't give negative thoughts a voice. Don't put that out in the universe. I speak to dozens of people at work every day and I can tell you that the ones who are always grumpy are not fun. There they are every day, never smiling, hating their job and making sure you know it, complaining about everything, including the price of their sandwich, like I have anything to do with that. Not nice. Then there are people who are naturally happy and pleasant. Well, maybe not so naturally. Maybe they do have to work at it, but they make an effort to be positive and cheerful. Really try to make someone smile. Be a blessing. Give a compliment. It will make you beautiful. 

I hope I have successfully made my point. Your self worth is not defined by your body. Your beauty comes from your attitude, your smile, your spirit, the tone of your voice, being kind to others. Be the best you, you can be. One Direction is right, You are beautiful.