Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gettin My Blog On

I started a blog 3 years ago, posted a few, and decided I didn't have anything else to write about. I thought maybe I'd like to try it again, but can't access that blog because the email account I used then has been deactivated. I can't remember my password and can't retrieve it or set a new one. 

I have several friends whom I stalk, I mean follow, on their blogs. They have unknowingly inspired me. 

I thought I should just post some random facts about myself. You know, things I like, dislike, rants, etc. 

1. I rarely eat meat or eat at restaurants. I'd be certifiably insane without peanut butter and chicken. They are my main sources of protein. 

2. My former blog is if you care to read what was on my mind 3 years ago.

3. When I was young I thought I'd become a filthy rich, famous singer. Think, Celine Dion, without the grandpa/husband or Whitney Houston, without the addiction. I was certain that at some point, an agent would hear me, and say, "Kid, I can make you rich." Still haven't quite figured out how that never happened. 

4. I am a christian and believe in the Bible. I also believe God is far more understanding and loving than we give Him credit for. I believe that in the last couple thousand years certain parts of the Bible have been misinterpreted and paraphrased so many times that they have lost the original meaning. Try to interpret Hebrew and Greek from that long ago to modern day English and there is going to be some confusion. It's inevitable. If you've ever taken a foreign language then you have heard, "We don't have a word for that in English." or "We don't have words that mean the same, so it's kind of like...." That being said, I do believe it is the Holy Word of God. It is the "Jesus Story" and we are invited to be part of it. 

5. I believe I will die in my 60's. I attribute that mostly to bad genetics and not taking great care of myself. I hope I live long enough to enjoy a couple grandkids, but really, once my kids are independent, I'm ready when He is. 

6. I love the show, "The First 48" and get very upset at the end of the show if they haven't found the killer. Other than that, I don't watch much tv. 

7. I am the wife of Cliff, the mom of 3 teens, Rebecca, 18. Rachel, 16. James, 14. A dog Molly and a cat Ginger. Ginger is a boy. We thought he was a girl when we got him, but never bothered to change his name or start calling her him. So to us he/she will remain Ginger, the girl cat. 

8. I have a mixed up muddled accent. I'm a northerner transplanted to Cookeville, TN. I'm a yankee/redneck who speaks with an Indiana/Michigan/Canadian/Tennessee accent. It's ok to have a laugh at my expense. I'm used to it. :) 

9. I think I'm a boring person because I can't think of 10 random facts about myself. Well, I can but the rest are even more irrelevant than the first 8 or too personal to share with you guys/ (MI speak) y'all (TN speak) just yet. Plus, James is pestering me to get off the computer.