Thursday, October 31, 2013

2 Boys and A Bird In The House

Yesterday I spent the day grocery shopping, cooking, 
being entertained by a great guitar player and singer, and chasing a bird in the house.

The girls had their boyfriends come over for dinner. I made 2 pies, chicken casserole and rolls. No big deal except that it was 80 degrees yesterday, Oct. 30 for Pete's Sake! My oven is ratchet. Did I use that word right? Besides baking unevenly, bottom too hot, top not hot enough, it turns my whole house into an oven. Nice in the winter, not so much in the summer, or in October when it feels like August. 

Jared, Rachel's guy, has been over lots of times, and is just one of us. Rebecca's guy, Ross hadn't been over before. I'd met him once and threatened him as nicely as I could. This time I was for real nice. I decided I like him. He's musically talented and that scores him a big brownie point with me. He can play about any instrument he picks up. God doesn't give that gift to many people, so I figure he's special. Plus, he makes Rebecca happy and seems like a smart, nice, funny guy. He's allowed to come back. He was nice enough to entertain us. I got the camera out to take some pictures, but the batteries were dead. Yes, I still use a regular camera, not a cell phone camera.  How can I buy AA batteries by the dozen and never have one when I need them? I was going to try and figure out how to post pictures on here. I'm very challenged like that. I can do email and FB on a computer. I can even write a blog, but I can't post pictures yet. Something about a URL. I've asked Rebecca and Rachel to show me how to post them on FB but they just get irritated with me and do it themselves. Rebecca said she would show me how on here, but I doubt if she will have enough patience.

Early in the day, I heard a bird inside the flue of the wood stove. Poor thing fluttered around. Ginger went crazy clawing at the stove pipe and meowing really loud. She's not a normal cat who meows, so it was funny. Cliff and James took the flue apart. The bird hid in a little corner making it impossible to reach. Cliff had the bright idea to poke it with a screwdriver and the thing took off. We were all laughing, screaming, ducking and hoping we wouldn't get bird-pooped on. The sparrow flew the length of the house, round and round. I had a broom to try and shoo it out, but James jumped up and caught it. Now that was cool! 

So the day was a success. Even the sparrow got to have a happy ending. Ross is cool. James is now in charge of animal control. Dinner was good. Life is good.